File and Brand Ownership


How do we ensure brand and file ownership?

In the first phase, all files that are spread across agencies and printers will be collected.

In the second phase, the files will be organized according to your brand structure and placed in a digital asset management library.

From that point, each file will be tagged with metadata to facilitate search and retrieval.

An agile workflow will be put in place to streamline the graphical process in the final phase.

This method enables creative teams to work together, launch new artworks, edit existing designs and get your files seamlessly delivered to the selected printers. It also makes it easier for all teams to get direct access to files, by centralizing communication and ensuring everyone is working on the correct files by instantly providing them with the latest version.

Digital asset library
Centralised colour management / reprographics
Unified workflow management platform
Procurement support

A streamlined colour management process

Artwork lifecycle management

A comprehensive Artwork Management Solution streamlines packaging artworks and workflow by bringing accountability and structure to the process. Implementing a configurable, automated solution to control complex packaging artwork throughout the artwork lifecycle enables real-time collaboration and optimizes workflow processes.

Digital asset management

Brand assets communicate your brand values and identity directly. But where do you keep them safe and secure? A DAM solution aims to organise your assets according to your brand architecture – the unique combination of each asset’s metadata tags. DAM is a great way to keep track and maintain control of asset versions and centralise your assets. Moreover, it is an essential tool to share and distribute brand assets throughout your company or to suppliers for printing and publishing.

Move and scale printing volumes

The challenge for companies is to make their packaging supply chains more resilient and improve their competitiveness. A centralized artwork and colour management approach provides solutions to move printing volumes or switch to other printing methods.

Accessiblity to brand assets

Your brand assets are easily found and retrieved in the Digital Asset platform. This offers a comprehensive overview of all active brand assets and their lifecycle. The Digital Asset platform is organized according to your brand’s structure. Metadata tags each asset, in order to save the brand manager time and money when searching for the brand’s assets.

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