Supporting the future

As we continue to focus on developing an industry of excellence, we also create strategies for its future health and growth. Investor support allows us to build the pathways that will take us in the directions in which innovation leads us. Like-minded investing institutions and individuals play just as critical role in sustaining our business and achieving our goals as our employees and management do. We value all of our stakeholders and consider them an important part of our future and the vision of our company.

Code of Ethics

DSN Artwork Prepress supports cultural diversity and personal development. We provide our employees with opportunities to improve work relations and encourage broader interests.

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Code of Conduct

We strive for long-term relationships with our customers based on mutual respect and honesty. Our objective is to enhance the customer's brands on shelf and help increase the customer’s operational efficiency.

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Code of Care

Customer care is our priority. We aim to deliver the best standards in service in terms of availability, reaction time, qualifications and expertise. A collaborative approach enables us to understand and address our customers’ needs as they evolve along with their business.

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